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Intellectual property policy

Intellectual property transfer policy


Grand Guild Limited assigns to the Client absolutely as beneficial owner with full title guarantee the Intellectual Property for the full term of those rights and all renewals and extensions, together with all accrued rights. The Consultant will promptly disclose and give to the Client all Intellectual Property for its exclusive use and benefit and keep their details confidential, delivering all documents relating to any part of the invention to the Client whenever requested by the Client. The Consultant will not register or attempt to register any of the intellectual property rights in any work carried out during this Agreement, nor any inventions, unless at the Client's request. The Consultant will do all acts necessary to confirm that absolute title in all intellectual property rights in the work carried out during this Agreement and any inventions has passed, or will pass, to the Client upon complete payment for service rendered under the agreement. The Consultant will do everything necessary to give effect to this clause both during and after this Agreement. The Consultant irrevocably waives his moral rights in any Intellectual Property anywhere in the world.

Portfolio rights policy


Grand Guild Limited reserves the right to display and link to the Client's project/s as part of a work portfolio.

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