The Grand Guild
  • Our Core Values.

    If you’ve ever experienced The Grand Guild, then we hope you have a good feel for who we are. An inspired community of people that is totally dedicated to helping others, whether through personal & professional development, working together on exciting projects, empowering companies with excellence in our services or providing training & tools for our people.

    We have a passion for purposeful trade and commercial knowledge, as well as a remarkable drive to create the best service and products possible for the brands we work with. If this sounds like your kind of Guild, then read on to learn more about our core values to see if you are with the right people.


Commit and work diligently toward your purpose in the pursuit of helping others to earn trust, self worth and fulfillment.


Discover and honour your true potential in order to create meaningful results both for yourself & society.


Observe the present moment and do your very best to independently test, uncover and share best practices.


Cultivate the courage to know when you don't have the answers by questioning your thinking and working with reliable people.


Be both open-minded and transparent about your thoughts and feelings with people to best refine your reasoning and ideas as a group.


Make sustainable decisions for the long term and commit to staying the course towards your companies vision, goals and targets.


Be helpful to others both because it is the right thing to do and it is also how true value is created and lasting bonds are made. 

If you identify with our values and wish to further your craft, company and purpose then join us in the spirit of mutual support, please apply here.

We are learning to build value in a world of limitless information which, without intelligence to conduct it, is nothing more than a cacophony of noise. Let us now come together in a symphony of knowledge, collaboration and craftsmanship. There has never been a better time.